Meet Tom Woods: the Indispensable Libertarian

Tom Woods is the indispensable man of libertarianism.

No one alive (may Murray Rothbard rest in peace) has the knowledge of history, economics, and political philosophy and the ability to effectively communicate these ideas that Woods has—without trying for mainstream acceptance by compromising on matters of principle.

His success as a writer and podcaster directly inspired me to start this website, and I look at the sheer scope, volume, and quality of his work as a challenge to produce quality work of my own.

You owe it to yourself to check out his podcasts, The Tom Woods Show and Contra Krugman (with Bob Murphy), and a great place to start is this recent episode—Episode 657: My Personal Guide to The Tom Woods Show —in which he recommends some memorable episodes from among the previous 656 podcasts.

Woods also has two tremendous courses on iTunes U: The Truth About American History: An Austro-Jeffersonian Perspective and The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History.

Finally, here’s Woods at the podium with The Libertarian Speech I Would Deliver to the Whole Country

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  1. YES! Between Tom Woods’ and Bob Murphy’s work, I challenge anyone to present even half an argument for the need or justification for a state.

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