A Master Class in Liberty from Judge Andrew Napolitano

If you’re fairly new to libertarian ideas, it may take a while to sort out the truth from the many popular misconceptions—No, we don’t think big business should be able to do whatever it wants, we have nothing to do with Lyndon LaRouche, and we don’t think schoolchildren should be allowed to buy heroin at CVS.

So, rather than go to media outlets that often distort—intentionally or otherwise—what actual libertarians actually mean, let’s hear from one of the very best, most passionate libertarians there is: Judge Andrew Napolitano.

This clip is five years old, but it shows Napolitano at his best—he discusses the fundamentally different views of the American Constitution, first in a fiery lecture, then in a Phil Donahue–style conversation with the audience.

From a funny Sarah Palin institution to eloquent and succinct statements of the natural law from the secular and religious viewpoints, the Judge enlightens and entertains.